Outdoor Christmas Light Safety

“Safety First” Here we will be going over a few outdoor Christmas light safety ideas. Hanging outdoor Christmas lights is all fun and festive until someone gets hurts. Let’s light up this holiday season with some of our best safety advice below. Ladder Safety When your hanging up outdoor Christmas lights you will more than … Read more

Recycling Old Christmas Lights

It’s that time of year again when you notice that huge box of ever-growing old Christmas lights tucked away. Have you ever thought about recycling your old Christmas lights? Let’s Help the environment Over the years manufacturers in the U.S. have been working on eliminating hazardous material from our Christmas lights but there are still … Read more

Professional LED Christmas Lights

  Professional LED Christmas lights are your best choice when looking for quality, price and appearance. These are known to last longer than your average incandescent light and can save you up to 90% on your electric bill. Here Are A Few Different Types of LED Christmas Lights M5 Mini Lights – are a new technology … Read more

About Us

Welcome to Christmas Lights Christmas with over 24 years of lighting experience we offer the knowledge needed to light up your holiday season. Our Story The Christmas light industry has been our area of expertise for many years. We are passionate about teaching others about Christmas lights and enjoy finding new innovative ways to make … Read more